Thursday, January 18, 2007

Favourate Photo

Now now.. I know its a back dated photos.. but, can you blame me for being homesick? Well, not too worry (as if you do ;p)... I'm too busy and too tired to think/dreaming these days.. I'm back to my normal routine-working and beat myself in the gym after work....
Just wanna show you these two photos.
(brief introduction: Nephew Keith & Jonathan *not brothers*. on our daily durian waiting at my sis. Kebun Durian hut)



Er.. After what? after I asked them both to smile for me la... If you look at these two pictures, everything is the same - subject, and setting- with an added smiles, the second picture show more alive and cheerful! Isn't that a wonder?

Unless, you smiles to total strangers in the gym's locker room/sauna/steam room... you might get unwanted/funny response for your smiles... God knows, I learn my lesson. These stalker is giving me these creep now. So, don't get me wrong if you bump into me in the locker with a serious face...

Hem.. talking about favaurate photos... do check out my 2 consecutive week tenant. He/She (can determine the gender of the blog owner(s)).. has these collection of cool pictures of New York City. Do pay him/her a visit! Show me some love people.. ;p Oh, I also noticed that he/she rented dalantau's blog... Cool huh?

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