Thursday, January 18, 2007

Year end 2007 Plan

Is it too early to make plan for the year end? I know its only 18 days of 2007, but I heard somebody already makes plan! which involves Me! er.. before that, is there any superstitious against these? .. hem.. let me think... well, nothing superstitious that I can remember of, So.. here's the plan that I known from my niece who just move into my place recently...

My niece's father (my Kelabit brother-in-law) Langu Balawan a.k.a Mr. Ironman is planning that, he wants to bring me to his hometown in Limbang. The place is called, Long Napir.. something like that, and we'll staying there doing "ngaren lawid sampai ketei lawid" .. thats was exactly the words my niece used when she told me about it.. I think, its got to do with electrocutes the fish in the river. Its one way to catch fish. Is this legal?.. I have no idea... anyway, "sampai ketei lawid" direct translation is "till you shit fish".. probably means, until we got sick of eating fish all the time. Hehehe.. cool plan right? I can't wait to pay a visit to the Kelabit Community end of this year... Man! thats another 11 and half month ahead!! Hahaha...

Here's My Langu Balawan... Cool shot aye? That was one of the days I spent back home.. we were taking break from some hard labour (well, its more than he did the hard labour, than Me... I was more like the handy man). And we were about to take a family Photo shot in that working etire! I think, it was a rebellious act of my brother-in-law and myself. Anyway, it turn out just great.Hehehe.. these is one of the moment.. I was cam-whoring with my new cool subject... Sometimes, its these random pictures that I love more than one that having "controlled" caption.

Oh.. I just got an idea which subject I will post. My sister! hehehehe.. she claimed that I always took her pictures! Soo perasan right? Hahahaha... this is my sweet dark plan for my next posting!.. my sister Susan! the bra-less women in tops! hahahaha.. man.. I'm bad! watch out for my next posting!

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