Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christian & Winnie's Wedding part 2

May2, Micheal & MayLee... Micheal you are damn lucky man! got surrounded by 2 pretty sisters! ;)

Ivy & Tasha.. the unseparable!

Ms Malaysia-next-top-model on spotted smilling to the papparazi!.. looks soo slim.. guess the early diner is working lady!

Close-up and "personal" ?? with Ms lovable.. hugable.. talented... loud and cheerful cheerleader! Ellie Townsend!

Ms greeter-with-big-smile is soo cute!

Our Ms Translator of the Day! She translate the whole session in Mandarin like the mandarin news reporter.. you just can't help gawking at her super translator ability.

Ms. Basketball-girl *look exhausted* looking over at Ms. May Lee the newly crowned Ms. Colgate!.. She was looking down at her handset/camera, and when I called her name.. that's how she looks like.. hehehe.. cute! the little girl behind is the superactive-power-puff-girl Natasha.. Cheers kiddo!

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