Monday, November 13, 2006

Whispers paranoid

Walking in the office this morning was a bit dull and not soo excited. Maybe its the monday sickeness that people-from-all-walks-of-life had. There's nothing to be get you excited, as if the loads of task that required your immediate attention seems sooo dull and boring. And somehow, you have this panic feeling at the same time of whether you could finish it up today. Procastinate is the the least you need now, and yet.. its exactly what I'm doing right. Hey, wait a minute, I finished everything! hahahaha... seriously, I just had prepared everything without realizing that I did it right before lunch time! yipee.. now.. writing in the blog seems to the meds for my Monday dull mood!

When one's whispering with each other, and you were sitting on the opposite side of the table, would you say, A. They are gossiping something invovles you, or B. Something really private between them. Well, for me, its very hard to think other than the A option. It does make me seems like paranoid, but when She asked me half way, which she confess that the other will kick her, that sure makes me wondering what was the question. Trying/pretending that you didn't care are kinda hard. Well, at least I successed pulling it of.
its 6pm already, and I just come back from Putrajaya... I intend to post before lunch, but Sheila rang me and call me out to have lunch with her and Cheryl. Sheila is an Iban girl working next door. And Cheryl is her friend and happened to be my late sister's best friend. I believe I had post something about when I first got in-touch with her. Anyway, I had good lunch, good company and manage to updates a little bit about ourselves. Its not so often to meet and have lunch with old friends... And its good for me, becoz it prevent me from smoking when you have non-smoker company.

Ok, this is all the time I have to blog today.. nothing interesting.. and not too much time to play around... till later!

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