Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Farewell Dear black pant

Since I've have my loundry done at my sister's place... She has the opportunity to scan my "clothing line". I have this particular pant that she can't help to comment on. She keep asking me not to wear it coz its too old. She said, that it look awful... even when I wear a nice or new shirt with it, it makes the whole thing doesn't look good. Well, what can I say, I'm trying not to be another victim of fashion. As long as its comfortable...and look decent enuf.

This black pant I have, it shines. evidence from 5 years constant ironing. You can spot shading of its colour on the back pocket and on the knee. A sign of its age. Like a vintage jean. *wink* so.. you see why my sister keep asking me not to wear it anymore? yeah... I could understand her. I kinda looks like my own father wearing an ageing pants. A little history of my old pant, I bought it right after I graduated, well actually, it was right after I finish sitting my last exam paper, and I was really excited to look for a job. And for a start, I bough myself a pant. And to add a sentimental value on it, I bought it with my 2nd eldest sister generosity. since than, my black pant never ever let me down. its been very loyal to me and was there when I needed. When all other fail to show me comforts, my black pant offer me just that.. Dear Black Pant, Thank you so much for your service all this year.. Now, I think its time for you to retire. And maybe... just maybe, I would bring you out... for a fresh air


Anonymous said...

u r such kesian fella...pant pun kena buat cerita...haha..kidding

Musa said...

I know.. I'm such a sentimental guy.. very sensitve.. and romantic at heart(only with my pant).. hahaha

You know.. I'm seriously love my pants. soo pathetic!


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