Thursday, November 02, 2006


Warning: Grusome pictures ahead! Skip this post if you're 10 years below and above 60!

Well, I know Halloween already past. Just something I noticed last night, and wanted to share with you. You don't need a fancy clothes or candies to have your own Halloween. Look! how my owned bedroom "decorated" for the event!

Pic. No. 1 My fans is working... well paculiar about that!

Pic. No. 2 Stop the fan... YUCK!.. all dirty and never been clean! *reminder. to ask someone tall to clean my fan*

Pic. No. 3 The floor!... look closely... its covered with hairs! Yuck! Yuck!.. *remember to sweep the floor! daily*.. where this hair come from?
Pic. No. 4... hairy cute * snort!* Monster Leg!... so, this is where the hairs come from!.. Do you think I should shave this "Monster" leg? or give "him" a wax? hehehehe...

picture remove

Pic. No. 5 Yes!.. its a hole on the toe.. dont say I didnt warned yea!.. it is Grisly and grusome! qualified to make your Halloween more happening. hahaha. This is a self-proclaim winner of best Holleen picture of them all.. *YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!*

picture remove--tooo grossy

Yeah.. I'm bored to death when I took this picture..

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