Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Out of Reach

Just a quick note, I'll be out of reach for this week due to my PC is being hospitalize *sight*... I know its been awhile since I last updated. I'm using my colleague's PC at the moment while he send my PC to see the doctor.

Well, last weekend I was in Terengganu. I really had fun, meeting a lot of people, and making more friends. I thought, sharing a room with a number of people will be suck.. I guess, I was wrong! It was fun.. well, part of the reason I wanted to sleep alone was my problem of snoring. Anyway, they could only complain and cant do nothing about it. hehehe... out of 5 roomates I had, I only could remember 3 names...honestly, I have pretty bad memory! Rudy is the orang asli guy, and there were Hafiz and Ady. A buch of cool people to be around with!

ok.. my colleague is here already.. better stop or else he kick my arse.. hehehe.. till than, Cao!


Lee Novotny said...

semoga your PC cepat sembuh, Musa oiii! :P

Mustilah sronok dlm bilik ramai org..eheheheh..hmmm *wink* **matilaaa otak kuning!

Musa said...

Hai Lee,
My Hardisk Crash bum bang lah.. masih engak sihat dong... nok buat camne? ish.. campur2 gak bahasa gua! tuh.. influence dari Lee ler..

soo "yelow brain" ler Lee nie.. ish talking about direct translation, its really funny when you translate the "peribahasa melayu" to english..

guess what this mean "father pee standing, son/daughter pee while running"?, how about " banana fruit 2 times?". Any idea?


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