Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I (seriously) hate my Boss

..... I know the big book did say something abour respecting your boss, but, seriously, I have no respect for my boss at this moment. I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! no.. I'm not going to cry... I'm not a small boy.. yes I do sound childish at this moment, but you know what? I don't care. Thats the least worst things I could no at this moment.

In my head, I would have replied to him. Yes I do have the excusses of the so call "error" in my reports that he pointed out. Besides, He went trought the report himself before I send them out. And he didn't point or say anything about it before. And now, suddenly its all my faults for not reading it carefully, say I could lose a client just for that "un-standardize" reports. He even pointed out, using "&" is VERY WRONG, there isn't suppose to be short form in the report. You see this is a final report, and there was 1st draft which the so call "error" should have been notify and clearified.. also through him. When he just noticed something new today.. He angrily point it out to me. He makes me stand like a stupid dude while he searching for more "error". Even the a standard form of sentences that we use in a reports, which is also used by our American allies, is "wrong". He definately have something "wrong" with him.

There's nothing wrong working towards improving, but when when we find a new ways, we cannot says the previous way was wrong way. Its just Preferences. Some people prefer to have noddle for lunch. Its like He says those having noddles for lunch is not a lunch just becouse he had rice. For crying out loud, its just PREFERENCES, nothing wrong with any of the ways. He's not worth for my tears... He makes me standing there, making me feel stupid and like a small boy and probably gives him the satisfaction of doing it.. well bastard! like Kailiang says, whats goes around comes around.

ok.. Think something Happy... hem...
+ Oh yeah.. I got my pay already.... (-5 points of negative mood)
+ Daniel asked how am I again today.. (-5 points of negative mood)
I should probably tell you who Daniel is. Well, He's this small build chinese guy who work in this office stationery shop which we always get our supplies from. And somehow, he always smiles whenever I see him.. And being myself, always tease him.. well, he was this shy guy back than .. but now.. he would shout "Nie How?" (which means "How are you?" in Mandarin) to me, even when I didn't notice he was around the office... and somehow, looking at his smile already makes me feels better..
+ I'm on 5th Day of Purpose Driven Life today!
+ I'm on leave this Friday!
+ I prayed for Alpha last night!
+ I'm feeling better already!
+ Looking forward for Alpha!
+ Looking forward to hangout with Manuel
+ Looking forward to meet friends
+ Boss in a meeting! no need to see him before going off! Yipee!
+ I'll be officially 27th this saturday!
+ I'll be travelling tomorow night!
+ I have iron enuf shirt for my traveling!
+ I have finished 2 reports!
+ I wrote a Post!


kailiang said...

Calm..calm...take a deep breath.
Do stuffs that'll make u happy and you'll forget all those things.

Anonymous said...

I've been there. I went as far as creating an office humor satire website to deal with the frustration. Take a good laugh, breath and exhale. Cheers.


The office

Lee Novotny said...

HI u ols, maap sebab lama dah tak bersiaran kat bz bz..u know lah kan?

Nanti mak put u in my link ...asik lupa sajork!!!

Mak pun nak baca your entries as well..... :)


Musa said...

Thanks Kai,
but its so damn hard to forget when 80% of your time is spend in the office. Yesterday, I had the bad-est mood. no reason at all. And my colleague notice and asked me, why. I just point at my boss office. hehehe..

Dear Pink,
Thanks for your suggestion. I bet I had a good laugh.

Alo Leee..

Its ok, I know you've been straveling around.. I'm flattered that you going to have me link with you. *wink*

tried to post an entry yesterday but took so loong to uplaod..


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