Thursday, September 07, 2006

My 100th 200th Posting

Yes, this is my 100th 200th posting in this blog! Isn't that cool? 100 200 posting.. thats consider alot too write? hehehe.. for me? yes, it is.

You know what? I have this funny dream last night/ this morning.. I was dream about my washing machine is working! Hahahaha... what a stupid dream. I washed all my coloured clothes last night right after coming back from the Alpha Meeting. Its was alot! I mean... I have practically had all my socks to be washed.. I dont wear my socks twice you know. I am sooo freaking tired!.. man, and I dream of my washing machine... so desperate for washing machine! somebody repair my washing machine!

My PC is still not here yet, using my colleague PC now (he out for lunch)

ok.. cya

1 comment:

Lee Novotny said...

Congrats!!! :) At least u ols beristikamah..tahu ke istikamah tu hapa?? eheheheh.:)


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