Friday, September 29, 2006

Noughty Friday -Funny Miechelle Michelle and dalantau

Seem like I can't embed the video file over here.. so, just give you a link

What happened was, I was trying the new* camera, using my friends as my test subject.. Here is a girl, my friend Miechelle Michelle... she wants to take over the camera since I've been using her as my test subject the whole night. And I didn't allow her (am camera shy you know..;p).., so she put on funny act and put the piggy mask that I used for our talent night last snday. And I used the piggy mask to put out a lost frog out of the hall earlier...(kissing the scent of the frog lah..hahahaha). one may act funny went they were infront of the camera.. than, my second test subject, my buddy.. manuel a.k.a dalantau.. showing how to carry a guitar.. lol

Here's the link

Oh... If you doesn't know who dalantau in person, see him at the end of the clip. Since he suspecting me to put it on YouTube, so.. here you goes buddy..*evil grin*.. I hate to disepoint you... love you buddy!. If you can hear the sound, my voice is louder than anyone else because I'm closer to the camera. Yeah.. you can laugh at my funny laugh! kewl


Jon Cox said...

Hahahaha! AWESOME!!!! :o) I love the comment you made about me on Mike & Ryans blog, I was thinking the exact same thing when I typed it! :oD You're blog is really GREAT!

Ryan said...

wow c musa even drama queens can b nice thats why we love jon!

Musa said...

Hello Jon Cox,
Hehehe.. you do? cool.. Just teasing you my man! You're blog is Awsome too!

Ryan... yeah.. I can see that... drama queens kicks the party! oh yeah!

Ryan said...

yes they do!


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