Wednesday, September 27, 2006

End of Third Watch

Last night was the last episode of Third Watch (on TV3). Althought I didn't follow every apisodes like a real die hard fan.. I kinda like the stories and I can say it is one of my favourates Tv series. Every episodes had this new emotion effects on me, and from than on, I kinda developed likeness and interests towards certain characters. Among my favourate cast are Basco, Sully, Faith, Ty, Carlos and Cruz... sometimes, I had the same intense emotions feeling like what they're havin'. And sometimes, you kinda understand why they did what they did, or predict what he going to do. like this one time, when all departments--Fire, Paramedic,Police-- were called exactly at the same time and to one place.. The subway train stop.. all public transport suddenly stop.. no explaination needed. You kinda understand whats happen even when they didnt shows it. Enough to makes you hair to stand. Sadness.... the silent scene... very well told story of black September... one would remember that for the rest of their life...

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Mike said...

I only watched a few times but it was a really good show.


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