Friday, September 22, 2006

New Trainer

This week, I manage to go to gym on tuesday and thursday. And the trainer/instructor are not the ordinary one.. new faces! and I love it. Tuesday, I had a really fun class with Ms. Nor on the Step board. I have to admit the routine was kinda hard, but at the same time, challenging for me and its fun! I did speak with Nor before the class begin, asking whether she will take over the class from now on... its going to be fun! fun ! fun! And last night, I join the combat class as normal.. and guess what.. a new face too! instead of the ordinary Mike, Its Jason! walou wey! but he's only substetute-ing Mike for this week. And I did spoke with Jason too, after class. We had a new style and it was fun. And Jason is a very "people" person. right after class, while I was cool-ing down, Jason come to me... hehehe.. isn't that nice? Mike never did that. He asked what my opinion on the class, did I like it? Well, I what can I say.. its different than the ordinary, but I love it.. and I really had a good time. Thats what I told him, such a nice chap he is. Must be the smiles.. ;)

Our Thailand staff went back last night. It was a successful 4 days training! they are a bunch of relly cool people. I wouldn't mind working with them for sure. Hahaha.. who wouldn't? working with pretty laddies... but I don't think its not the right time to be in Bangkok. This thing happens in Thailand is like.. once in a lifetime?.. well probably in many years. It is a history when the military seized power of the country. Well, whatever happens.. Hope everything work out. Its good to have a good King.. loves by the people..

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