Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Training days

Starting yesterday until Thursday, We are conducting a training for our Thailand company at the office. My part - strategic planning, has done yesterday. It was ok I guess for a first time, considering we, ourselves never had the training. And here we are train others.. hehehe.. clever huh? Although I'm not the "trainer", by helping here and there... its work out. I mean, it just simply telling them how do we do our job for them to do the same thing in Thailand. Today is Operations, so.. I can stay out of the training room. They are going to see how we do our operations at one of our client's place in Shah Alam this afternoon. And probably I dont have to go.. yipee.. I can do some my works.. and posting a blog!

On other note..
Manuel.. you welcome! Looking forward for pijama party in your "new" room! ;p
Mikey.. please forgive Ryan!


Ryan said...


Lee Novotny said...

Pyjama party? Does that mean if a guy always wear only boxer shorts when he's in bed, would he dare to come to this party dressed only in that?? :)

Meriahhhh!!!! :)

Musa said...

Glad to hear you guys are making up Ryan...;) have a great weekend!

Lee.. wanna join? hehehe


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