Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekend update

When I viewed my posting recently... and what I noticed is really pathathic cycle. It's evolves around my tiredness and its really boring. In fact, I am feeling kinda tired today for playing basket ball and badminton with my friends yesterday. But I dont have blog about it, right? Complaining and complaining... I better stop doing that. OR else I turn myself into someone's nagging wife.. er husband I mean. Lol

Everyweekend is like a holiday. You know what I mean? like when you just had a long holiday, then when you goes back to work or school, you feels that you need longer holiday. Thats how I feels every monday.. with my body desire for more sleep. Arh!.. How can I make my monday feels like on friday? Friday seem soo long... I dont want to complain about my bieng soo active with activities. Its a blessing having to do this and that and having a great time.

Friday night, right after the CSI (Christian Singles International) fellowship, I went out again with my cousin for a "little" night out at a place called the Rum Jungle. The place is totally pack! every inch of the dance floor are fills with dancing maniac. I just sit around and watched what was going on. Lots of people getting drunk and misbehave. The neighbouring bar was being raid for underage and drugs abuse, so the place that we were hanging out also closed early. I think, I had 3 glass of beer, but I had a hangover in the morning.

Intended to sleep throug the morning but, I have to go out with my sister to send her daughter to a music class. I saw this 7 years old kid playing piano on his owne.. He looks damn cute! I kinda see his future being a well known musician! Damn! I didnt bring a camera. You'll know what I mean I I had his picture.. hehehe. Anway, Tasha did very well in the class. I'm like a proud father seeing her eargerly to participate and follow what the instructor do. When The instructor asked something, she's the first person to answer. She tend to raise her voice to make its known.. hehehe... She's going to be in control with her boy friend someday!

Look what my friend, Jimmy found. Jessica Alba act as an Iban women from Sarawak in a movie called "The Sleeping Dictionary". Isn't that cool? I never watch the movie yet. But the trailer seems really good..


Mike said...

I love Jessica Alba Im gonna have to see this movie

Lonnie said...

Pick ME, pick ME!!!

Hey from China!


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