Thursday, August 10, 2006

US bring peace to Iraq

Here are few photos American Soldiers in Iraq that you wont see on the telly. Would you think that the media have been bias in what exactly happens in Iraq, that they just show what they want us to see?

My Favourate Photo

Seal with a Kiss for love ones
Praying in Group

A Prayer for little ones

Makes freinds, including the future generation

new found love and families

The pictures said it all... pray for their safety.. Let they be safe. Lord, give them strenght to protect and give this land peace. Amen.


de_andrei said...

Accept to the fact that we can't imagine peace without AMERICA. But thus, do they creat "TRUE" peace? Are they waging "WAR"? These are all the questions we should include too! I dont believed in "MEDDLING" some affairs of others. If like one country is in the verge-to-war, then here comes AMERICA who loves to become a "MEDIATOR". And where does this end if we always show for a "KILL"! Is this how we show to the world and for the future generation to come that we are sitting in a "NUCLEAR BOMB" just to ruin us all. Yes, GOD bless THEM all when the time comes that never a human-being standstill in this "RUINED-land".

Lee Novotny said...

I would not want to comment on this one because I have totally different opinion about it BUT thanks for your nice message in my blog :)

Ni pun still recovering nih..:)

Have a nice weekend :)

Musa said...

Dear Andrei,

Thank you so much for expressing your thought and opinion. I respect yours and others view on any subject, regardsless whether it is against my side or otherwise. Because I believe there's truth in both arguments. Maybe we wont agree on one side, but at least, we agree to not disagree. right?

Anyway, to practise my diplomacy ;), I will always looks at the bright side.. isnt these pictures are a happy and positive things happen in time like this? We can always make peace. I'm craving for world peace!

Dear Lee,

Its ok if you prefer to be "silent" on this matters. I know what you mean of different opinion. I totally against these fighting and wars and invation of human rights. And I am just one small ordinary person, what changes I can make? na da. Hey.. wish you speedy recovery.. and Have a blast (er.. I mean great) weekend. ;)


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