Tuesday, August 08, 2006

gym and relationship

Back on my routine again this week. I started last saturday, and it seems hard for me. Its like I'm starting over again. Oh, I was talking about going back to gym. You see, its been more than 2 weeks I didnt went to gym. Peter, the regular instructor for the Body Step is away to Dubai for the new centre there. So, the new guy, Teoh, is replacing him. He's alright I guess. Its not like regular steps, but Its something new and enjoyable.. not that Peter class is not enjoyable.. Just that, sometimes, He push really hard, and you dont feel satisfy if you didnt live up to his expactation. One thing I notice about this Teoh guy is that, he initiate the positive atmosphere in the class. But he seems like "syok sendiri"when he did it, and he seems really funny. Well, at least, I have good time going up and down on the board right? duh... enuf with the gym thingy.. I must bored you to death rigth now. Hehehehe.

I went for a movie with my movie-date budy last saturday. We watched a chinese action movie called, Tiger Gates something.*cant't recalled the exact title* We both agree that its a good movie with alot of self-defence-art-action. Rigth after the movie, he invited me for a drink at a starbuck. He seems different that day, a little bit restless... something bothering him. At last, he brake the news that he had decided to be in relationship with this person that he only knew for 1 week. Which means.. he'll be pretty accupied with this new relationship and none for me. I feels like I loss my movie-date buddy. *sigh* You know how hard is it to find someone who likes going to cinema and have the same taste of preffered movies to watch? You have no idea!

Another online friend also just broke the news that he will be no longer chatting with me anymore because he's in a relationship as well. Gosh.. what going on here? Does one have to stop seeing and talking with their friends once they found their missing ribs.. aka life partner? Is this a signed? that I should have a relationship as well? Dear God, I hope not. I havent meet the person that makes my heart beating so fast. Or the person that I cant stop thinking of.. or the person that makes me loss the appetite to eat and sleep and...ya da, ya da, ya da..


dalantau said...

your online friends are so funny that they stop to be your friend just becoz they are on relationship. I have never heard of that. But it was a very good news to me actually when you have best buddy to accompany you to the movie as I always be the 'not-movie-goer' fella and always say no to your invitation. Even if I go, the choice of movie always be mine..how selfish that was..hehe but now you r losing ur movie goer friend becoz they are in relationship, so funny...lah...i just about to ROTFL ... maybe u need to consider in r/ship too lah and get her (your new gf) as your company....hehe..look for your missing ribs then...good luck

Musa said...

Hey Buddy,

Yeah, I know that you're not movie-goer kinda dude, thats why I have another best buddy for movie. Its not like I'm cheating to my other best buddy when I going out with him.. Its just that, sometimes, you need different best buddy for different occation. I know you have other best buddy besides myself too right? The more buddy you have the marrier! Anyway, thanks for the "good luck" wish. I know I need it. :) thanks bud!


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