Monday, August 14, 2006

Mix sunday

I woke up at 9.45am yesterday, and I said to myself.. "I think I shouldnt go to church.. since I'll be late".. Than, I when back to bed again. A few second later, my phone rang... It was Heather, she was on her way to Church and didn't bring her purse. She want to know if its okay to make the Lun Bawang Dinner payment by cheaque. I told her I'm not sure. She decided to go back home to take her purse. Hemm.. I know that I'm Lun Bawang (da!), but since when did I get involves in the up coming dinner ticket payment? Damn.. She just gave me one good reason to come to come to church.. Hey Lord.. very clever huh! hehehe.

Arived late, but didnt miss the praise and worship session. Thank you Lord. I love praise and worship! During the annoucement, they called all the Sunday school teachers and helpers to stand for the new term. Oh my... I was hopping they wouldnt notice me for not standing up. Pst. Lisa called my name! Oh man! I see that I am the only single guy being involves in the Sunday School! well, there just only two guys. How that make me look like? I picture myself being the single guy who works as a nanny, and gay! Yes... its does look soo gay to me. But I have to admit.. I love spending time with these cutie little pies, and just listen to them. I don't feel like I'm giving something, but I feels like I received something. You know.. it's really rewarding for me to be able to communicate with these kids... Knowing them, playing with them, helping with the speeling bee.. etc. Ok, enuf about my sunday school involvement.. Hehehe.. I think I can goes on and on and on just talking about kids... this is soo not like me! or.. I dont recognize myself anymore.. hehehe

After sunday service, I join the praise team and a few others for lunch. It was a good lunch. I love the prown cook in eags! very the tasty! hehehe.. after lunch, we kinda hangout for awhile. I got to know this Music Teacher, Carol (american). She is such a lovely lady! I am soo sorry to hear that she is currently fighting brain cancer. I am totally amazed at how calm she is handling this. I embrace and kiss her before she leaves. I just feels like doing it. She feels happy for the free hugs and kisses. Jenny, Pastor's wife also want a hug! hehehe... I am soo Hug-able person! Oh I meet Greg and his wife Sharon from Texas, and their 2 teenage daughters. this family just moved here a couple of weeks ago.. and they are really a musical family. I mean, Sharon is a Vocal teacher (she's very good singer too), Greg is more on technical and the musical instruments, their daughters are in the band! what a blessing to have them in our family.

One really bad things happen to my friend yesterday. Vincent, the Hardware store owner was just being robbed at his store by 3 dark skin men armed with long knife (parang) and ace! there was another 2 customers with him that time and they were also being robbed. I feels really scared for what might had happens to my dear bro. Vincent. He loss his money, and his store's money... I just Thank you Lord for he didnt loss his life. Once he told us what had happens to him during that lunch.. Partor Todd, without hessitation, pray for him. We all prayed for him. I can't hold back my tears that time, and event writing here, I cant hold back. I just cannot imagine what could have happens if he fight back... what if these men decide to take his life? God please keep us all safe in this horrible place. Please take care my brothers and sisters..

Despite what had happens to him, he still wants to go to play basketball, which he had planned earlier. I admire his courage and his way of copping up with what just happened to him. Vincent, Joshua, CK and myself went to Taman Desa to play basketball. What a great game! We played 3 round with the local kids there. Man.. I was already givin' up on the 2nd round. Vincent was pushing himself really hard.. running back and forth cathing balls.. scoring.. man.. I think, its his way to distress and taking his mind off from what had just happend that afternoon. Still.. We had a great games. The local guys there asked us to come around to play again. We'll sure love to beat them again..and again..

Thank you Lord for a great sunday!


dalantau said...

Hi Musa, it such a very long entry rajin already hah...but about the gay feeling you thought of yourself being the only single guy assisting in the sunday school ministry.that's funny. Hey, you are not gay are u? Just kidding...but that should not make you feel like gay if it is your interest to serve the Lord. You don't know how we applaused for you? We clapped so hard because we know you have heart for it. About Vincent, God works differently. I really felt sorry that it did happened to him and the customers. But he looked so strong and I don't even see trouble on his face. He is such a strong man. God knows why..i sure you had a very good time playing basketball yesterday...keep sweating...

Ryan said...

thanx 4 the well wishes!

saran said...

Hello Musa, chin up coz serving in the Sunday School is the most rewarding things to do! i have been there for 13 years and nothing matches the 13 years wonderful moments that I had there. Being there is like training ground. God has used that solid 13years to train me and helped me to grow in Him at a high speed rate. Well there would moments of discouragement, tiredness, dryness but I guess is part of the training process. I hope the "gay" feeling shouldn't be in your mind and in your heart. Just be truthful and sincere with what you you & God bless

Musa said...

Its just the way I see it. I was really embarrased to stand that time. Not that I'm not proud doing it.. its just embarrassing for me. Anyway, thanks for the applaused (sorry didnt notice.. was space out trying to cover face ;P). I know you guys always support me... Hey, you should take part on the upcoming talent shows k..

Good to have you back!

thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate it.. ;)

dalantau said...

it's okay...we always behind you..if i were you i might felt why am i the only guy with loads of the ladies...hehe..but it's just your feeling nothing more than know how much we all care for you anyway...we appreciate that you stepped out to serve the Lord...most importantly you know


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