Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My new HOT tenant

Kumustaka? thats means.. "how are you?" in tagalog. Tagalog, is one of the language philippinos speak (just in case you dont know that). Well people, I am a proud owner of this blog for having a hot philippino chick to be my tenant this week. Yep yep... she's so hot, my seat is on fire! Please.. please.. show me some love and visit her room. I'm telling you, the layout is soo freaking georgeous! Just like her. She's not just another hot chick, she have brain and very artistic and creative too! My place is nothing like her, but still, she wants to rent my place. Aww girlfriend.. you're so sweet!

Mahal Kita! and thats mean "I love You!" er.. am just teaching you the language ok. I dont simply saying things like that freely. I'm not that kind of guy you know *evil grin* , I'm a the good guy, the cool one.. hahaha.. ok ok.. I suppose to promote her space not mysel ;p well, anyway, If you want to know about her, its all in there "the 100 things about me". Cool huh? I barely can list up 10 things about myself. now now.. go there and see it for yourself.

Well, if you still here... lets reads on my rambling thaught. Isn't my top left banner is cool? Me love it.. I like to create a banner like...more customize/personalize kind of banner?.. yeah like my tenant's banner!.. but I have no idea how. Can Somebody helps? Do notice something wrong with my page? its like half completed upload view page, thats how its look on my side. I do not know how to fix it.

Tommorow is our 3rd round and final Alpha Course for this year. I am a little bit anxious of how many will turn up. I know I shouldn't but I cannot help it. I invited a few people that I know, but they doesn't seem to be able to go. If I cant make anyone to come for a FREE diner and making new friends, how others can make it? man... I am such a pathetic "confidence-less" person. But one things that make me really happy thou, my pal is soo involves in these activies we have here. He is a totally a change person. He's more open, generous, cheerful and high spirit! I didn't picture him to be like this person today.. Its not that he was bad or something like that, just that, he's like being himself backhome right here. Very involves, giving stuff to pastor, close relationship with pastors , volunters to do this, and that etc.. God this is amazing. Thank you soo much!


Maldita, Bratinella said...

Hey sweety! That is the best welcome i ever had!!! Thank you so much (Salamat in tagalog)..I would surely love to redesign your template, if you like the idea though...*kisses* - Jen

Musa said...

Hai Jen... glad you like it. And thanks for the offer of redesign my template... I would love to have something new. Let me know what you need. Thanks sweety!

Han said...

love your blog.should do more of that 'learn the language'thing.keep up.

Anonymous said...

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