Friday, August 18, 2006

Missing Wil and Tasha

For the past 2 weeks, I've been staying at my sister's place to look after their house as they went back to lawas for a holiday and the husband went outstation. You have no idea how "alone" I feels the whole time. normally, there were always laughter, scream and cry of my nephew and niece in the house. And there always food ready on the table. but for the past two weeks, I've been cooking my own dinner, sleeping late and alone.. well, I do sleep alone at my place, just that, there always william in the room whenever I sleep over at his place. Man.. I miss my nephew and niece..

In my "self-consious" of being alone, I tend to look for something to do. Like feeding the cats, feeding the fish, water the flower, do the loundry, clean my dirty dishes, cook something. Yeah, Its keep your mind busy.. but it sure do makes me feeling fats after eating what I have cook. Thats the best part of all.. eating what I cook. hehehe.. I tried my cooking skills on anything that cross my mind. The most easiest way cooking is trow 2 drum stick in the oven and let it BBQ for 20-30 minutes, and dinner is ready! hehehe easy right? oh dont forget to give some flavour on the meat.

I just become part of the LunBawang team website (thanks Jimmy) this week. Which is a community website for the Lun Bawang ethnic group. Isn't that Cool? And I just posted something there... well nothing important.. just rambling on my thoughts on the Lun Bawang man's traditional costumes. if you like to know my customs and traditions, where we come from and stuff like that, do drop by.

Have a good Weekend uols (Lee's influence) *wink*

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