Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Brief update

traditional Dance

Bamboo band performance

Been busy lately. Sorry for very late updates. Here are few pictures that my cousin "able" to take. The batery was out after a few snap. What a waste!. Anyway, I've been taking pictures all night using Manuel (dalantau)'s camera since he was the MC ( he nearly loss his voice anyway). I can say that, the event was a success, and I meet few familiar faces. Isnt' it nice to see a lots of familiar faces? It definately makes you feel just right home. The food was alright, but most important, is the full program that they have install for us. My niece took part in the Ruran Ulung (lun bawang beauty) competition, and she got 2nd place. Although I think she should have won, its just a competition anyway. For more details of the LUN BAWANG ANNUAL DINNER, click on the topic or go to Dalantau blog.

My washing machine didnt do what it usualy do. Guess what? I have to wash manually! and my hands.. feels sooo dry. My back sooo painful ... Ahh.. I need to wash since I have soo many used shirts! Imagine this, from last week work clothes, and gym gear... saturday, the lunbawang day clothes and night event... and sunday, the sunday service and basketball.. how many clothes is that? Yeah.. Its like working in a loundry shop! I didnt go to gym yesterday, coz my cousin was planning to look for durian-but being postpone again. We brough this durian as a sponsorship for a lucky draw on the lunbawang dinner, and now.. we are craving for it. Samuel Kading won the durian prize... so lucky! Hope to have durian after Alpha this wednesday.

Well, my pay check is late again this month, what a suprise.. hehehe.. and I need to be in Terengganu from the 1st and 3rd September, thats means, I need to go on the 31st. Hem.. 2nd september is my 27th birthday, and here I am, going for some stupid accessment on my birthday! what a great way to celebrate... Man! how I wish they postpone this assessment so I can join my friends for the Church Camping! If I didnt get an interview this time, I'm going to kill myself! hahaha.. just a speach ok.

Here is my rent my space report for last week.

123 impressions
45 unique impressions
2 click
1 unique clicks

not so impressive. Sorry Jen, I did a louzy job.


kailiang said...

ow man! it must've been fun. too bad cant go, thanks to having to go back earlier.
ah well hope next year i can attend...

Ryan said...

your still welcome 2 comment on my blog just coz we dont c eye 2 eye on some things dont mean i dont want u 2 come around.

Musa said...

Hai Kai,
Yeah I really did have fun, although I become a part-time translator the whole night, It was fun. Just that, some Lun Bawang words that I fails to translate.. like "padan Liu Burung".. yeah, what the heck is that mean? Anwyay, you have fun yea.. dont stress..

Hello Ryan,
good to see you here. Sorry for not leaving comment in your blog for sometime, I've been busy. But I do read your blog... cheers mate.

dalantau said...

Hey musa,

since you'll be in KT during the church camp and 2nd sept be ur 27th birthday, happy birthday in advance in case I forget. take ur assessment seriously, take care and be a good young fella.

Musa said...

Hai Manuel,

Thanks for the wishes. And I will take it seriously and try to be a good boy... ;) Do pray for me. I think I'll be needing it.


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