Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Matching etire?

It is esential to know how to wear a matching etire. the shirt matches the pants, and the pants matchs the shoes, and the necktie matches the shirt. Am I right or am I right? hehehehe. So what would you say about this reporter's matching etire? In teory, yes he wear all matching shirt to the pants and its shoe. But it all seems wrong to me. And its absolutely not right for the "event". All in Zibra Striping colour! thats too much. He migh be a "well-experience" with the interviewed with late Princes Diana in his resume.. But do you have to wear something like this? What he trying to say or accomplish? And besides, he was about to interview a Business owner.. this is what he decide to wear.

Maybe, if he love the Zibra stripe soo much, why dont just wear black pants to match the zibra shirt? or a plain white shirt to match the zibra pant? well thats a few suggestion that I can think of to "soften" the over "stripe" theme etire. The business owner's son who was being interviewed by this reporter told me that, He would never wear something like that even if he were paid to do so... thats just gave me a good laugh.


kailiang said...

He has quite a bizzarre fashion style i'm telling you!
Probably a symptom of watching too much Discovery channel... hehe

Musa said...

Hahahaha... thats a very good observation! too much Discovery Channel. But if its a fashion shows and a dress up party.. it be ok I think..


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