Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bangkok part 2

The Famous Patong Bazaar

Pub & Restaurants in Silom

This is the Pub/Restaurant I had my diner with. The local Thai guys are openly flirting with you. Including the Foreigners too.. There this one foreigner keep his eyes on me and trying to make contact with me.. They must thought that I'm local here... The ladies are very pretty and wearing very little clothes as well.. Its hard for me to tell which is genuine ladies and which is not.

Exotic Delicacies: Crikets, Caterpilars, Grasshoper etc
It only cost you 20 bath for a bag of insects, and I bought 1 small bag of the grasshoper and I bring it back to the hotel, and share it with the hotel's bell boy. Its taste GOOD... The white man who was standing next to me when I bought it looking at me and just smile. He didnt buy it though...

The Hotel's Tuk-Tuk

Probably this is my last installment about my business trip to Bangkok last week. Well, Finaly on the last night I was there, I got to the right place. The place is called, Silom and Patong. It is exactly the place you must visit if you go to Bangkok. Its true that the place offer something that you wouldnt get to come accross with back home, and it it done soo openly. If you walk at Petaling street (Chinatown), the guys will ask you to buy VCD/DVD.. but at Patong street, they offer you a LIVE SEX SHOW... and whatever you wild fantasy is, they have it. Even the gay shows.. with the heat, and unfamiliar teritory... I find my self being persuaded to take one of the offers even when I constantly say NO. At last, I found a way to make them stop.. I say " I just had one" and with that.. they just walks away. I also learnt that, the more you asked, like how much it is.. the more they persuade you to choose any option that they have.

I finaly manage to buy my nephew and niece something at the price od 1000 bath. I bought myself 3 t-shirt, and a bed sheet. I was out of Thai Bath currency when I wanted to buy a gift for my office mate and friends. I getting worried becouse its already past midnight and the currency exchange outlet is already close... and I need 200 bath to pay the cab back to my hotel! I'm angry at myself for being soo careless. I decided to walk around looking for any luck that there's one still open. But all I saw is more and more women/trans waiting outside a pub/motel/street waiting for something. Man.. the back of my hair is standing the whole time (not in the pants lah!).. I feels its kinda creepy. To avoid being.. er.. hustle.. I avoid any eye contact the whole time.

At last, I asked this man who at first offer a live "pussy show" something, whether he knows whereabout to exchange the currency. And He knows this guy who work overtime to exchange currency. Thank god!.. After exchange a few thai bath, I went straight to get a cab to the hotel.. Ahh.. I know I didnt have enough time to enjoy myself and I feels kinda bad for not buying anything for friends back home. Well, maybe some other time.. Bangkok.. I'll come again. That for sure... and maybe take up one of the offer? no no.. stop it! This is insane! ok.. thats all for now.. cheers


Dave R. said...


I enjoyed your Bankgkok pictures and stories! I don't think I'd like the crickets to eat, though!
Bangkok is one place I would like to visit! I will be in Japan and Taiwan in October to visit my family. I DO enjoy going there!

Have a good day!

Dave R - Northsdad

Lee Novotny said...

Ewwwww...I dun even dare to eat those insects....garing or not! :P

Nice to know you enjoyed for me & Avang, we found BKK too polluted & too busy :) so we prefer Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai really...

But still, BKK has great monuments, kan?

Musa said...

hello Northsdad,

Glad you enjoy it. You should stop by at Bangkok for a night or two to see and experience it yourself. Thanks for stopping by.. have a good day to you too...


Its very delicious you know... the grasshopper I mean... Its very the garing too..yum yum.. well, it is busy city... jam and all that.. I only had free time in the late evening.. didnt have time to go sight seing.

de_andrei said...

Hello! What a nice BLOG you created! Thanx for sharing those adventures and some of your past times. And importantly you had at least gave us how ambitiously-in-youthful age you are to dream travelling around nearby ASIA. And you had that GUTSY way to show to us your own adage files, i felt like the same way you are.
And in some uncertainties regarding your BLOGS, Accept some negative comments for sure you will received in the near future, for you to learn more so that you can IMPROVED more. Because I see to it that you are very independent and CHEERS for that too.

And yes by the way, Im commenting about for those EATING GRASSHOPPER! Yes Im also eating those insects. Remember some of our locals here im the Philippines ate insects. Much that I grew up the northern part of the Philippines (ISABELA province), we ate diferent insects which are delicacies and also an APPHRODISIACS! Aside from that hopping insect, we also eat beatles, soilwood larvae and ants, too! These insects are only seasonal and do they have their share for us during those reaping(harvest) seasons like the grass hopper, who only appears right after the corn seasons (1st quarter of the year) which is the month of July.

So eating those insects is not new to us Asians, especially for us some-Filipino folks. And that make us unique and most of it THE CULTURE we are brought in to is not to be A-SHAME to all! Whether we like it or not, thats the way to remember our RACE in the near earth-end-future!

Thanks DAREN! You opened-up the eyes for us ASIANS! TO LOVE OUR OWN!


Musa said...

hai de_andrei, Kumustaka!

First of all, WOW!!
and 2nd, Thank you soo much for your words of wisdom and especially for writing comment here.

I'm in awe of, and amaze of your choice of words. You're so rich with vocabularies and its beautiful! I can see that you have give me a pointer of my characteristic. Which is an answer to the most common question asked in an interview. "tell me about yourself". I'm so greatfull for that.

Now, I can use your fantastic words when I come accross this question again.. I just have to remember the words; ambitiouly-in-youthful age (27 still consider a youth right? ;p), GUTSY or brave, courages, fearless and plucky! (man.. I like these words), Independent and Cheerful!

Thanks again for the advice and the encouragement. I think, I learn so many new bombastic words from your comment here. keep on writing yea...

near earth-end-future?...
man, I got to write these words down before I forget about it!


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