Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rambling Wednesday

Keeping my eyes open for the entire discussion with our german (married to a local) seems to be very very hard. His dashing looks dont even help. Maybe he notice my sleepiness, he switch his attention to my Senior to leave me in my-no-man-dream-land. Damn! I was facing the window for christ sake. The brightness from the window makes my eyes tend to closed at 50%-my major contributing factor for my sleepiness I must say. Other reason probably I had too much fun at the gym last night. I join 2 classes; BodyCombat and BodyStep. Well, what motivates me to give 110% in the class? is that the audience.. I had Jackson in the BodyCombat to show off to... so he will droool over my cool moves (hahaha perasan habis!).. and there was this young white shark who pretending not looking (oh yeah.. I saw you staring at me white boy or was it just my imagination...whatever... where are the girls?) but keep doing his workout right infront of my view.

My sister arive today from UK with her so-kedekut husband ;p They want to have dinner togather with us. And the one place they can buy dinner for us is at Suzie Coner! can you believe that? Suzie Coner is like mamak stall but serve western foods as well. They've been on world tour, and come back here, with Suzie Coner in mind. Come on lah! try TGI Friday, Victoria, Chillis.. not fucking suzie coner again. we've been there practically every week! Once, when they were here, they invites us for dinner at "the Crab", and guess who's paying... not my so-kedekut brother in law! not them!... soooo unbelieveable! They invites and we pay?! Anyway, whatever they want to do with their money is their business... probably pack it up to heaven with them.

Ok.. nothing more to write... oh, dont buy FCUK ... here's why


sdRay said...

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kailiang said...

Hahaha.... I can't stop laughing when I saw the writings on the Tshirt.
hey that picture itself is offensive to the dyslexics.
Reminds me of one classmate of mine who is dyslexics. Wait til he sees this so mean

Musa said...

hi Ray,
Thanks for advertising.. by the way, if the confession is confidential.. others still can view them right? so, it aint confidential anymore. am I right or am I right? ;p

ayo yo.. you are so terible lah.. he3.. dont show it to him bah.. he might get offended...mai' ne neh bah ;p

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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