Tuesday, July 11, 2006

good news!

Just to update a bit on the good news.. My passport!.. it is ready!.. Yipeeee... I can go to Bangkok, Thailand!.. Yipee... I can take my passport!.. I'm going to have a passport!.. yipee... hehehe.. silly me... *stop for thinking* But I only can take it on Thursday coz, I have meeting with our German client tomorow. So.. Anybody in Shah Alam for a drink? hehehe... nah, probably I'll meet my so-very-tall nephew like-ziraf for a quick breaklunch.

I got a passport.. I got a passport... I got a passport.. na na na na na.. na na na na na.. hehehe.. ok cao.. going for Bodycombat with Jackson today.. hehehe.. I'm going to kick his arse for being such a noughty boy! ;p


kailiang said...

Hi Musa,
have fun in Thailand, na lalid lalid ke...
Can see that you are very happy with the new passport you just received, cool!!! Now you'll visit Thailand every week I suppose...hehe since Thailand is "hot and spicy"!!

Musa said...

Hai Kai,
so long no see you around lah... bet you havin' so much fun back home. This Thailand is just for company business trip.. everything paid one... every week going cannot afford lah.. so when are you coming down KL?

Anonymous said...

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