Thursday, July 13, 2006

No passport yet

Suck! I went to Shah Alam this morning, suposely to collect my passport. Guess what? I still cant have my passport yet. After I paid the RM300, I have to wait another 3 days, than, I can have it. Gosh! How many times they want to see me?!! driving to and back to Shah Alam cost me about RM20 for petrol!. RM5 for Tol.. RM3 for Parking!!! Why can't they make it straight away?!! I just left without arguing with them once I made my payment. When I asked, can I have my passport today? Do you know what she said? " Why you want it today?" .. Oh God forgive me... I just cant take this anymore... Why the hell I want my f**king passport today!!!??? Its save me all the f**king trouble Stupid LADY!! You think we don't have work to do.. just simply go and see you freaking stupid face!!! Aaahhhh!!... oh course I didnt say that straight on her stupid face.. just walk away..

Driving back from Shah Alam wasnt as easy as before. I was alone this time, and I keep getting on the wrong way/road... I was practically circling the Bandaraya ... when I was somewhere infront of Central Bank, I thought about Manuel, he's working there, so probably he knows how to go to Jalan Tun Razak. I called him up, and he give me direction.. Thanks Manuel ;p.. When you're stuck in a traffic jam.. and was on an uphill slope... you just wish you're driving an automatic. I withness few near-accident infront of me, and one accident involves a police van infront of the Highway tol. The Police van was I already turn halfway upside down-standing on its left door and a waja Car behind, and the front waja is totally damage. One body on the streacher next to the ambulance with newspaper covers its upper waist. The sight make me totally sick... but I still keep looking at it. God rest his soul.


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