Friday, July 14, 2006

My Blog 1st Anniversary

July 15, 2005.. my 1st blog was born . I named him "Kampung Boy's life in the City".. such a long name for a boyblog Layouts. I teach him a bit of everything each day. I clothes him in Green colour because its look good on him, than change it to blue, as it is our favourate colour . My.. He's 1 years old now!blog layouts

Happy Birthday Kiddo! here's Patrick n Bob to celebraty your birthday party! blog Layouts


Diane said...

Hello there, happy birthday to your blog! It's great to know you've dropped by and wow, you even linked me under "Daily Reads"!

Continue to stay strong in the Lord, He's really all that you'll need. :) God bless you.

Musa said...

Hi Diane.. on behalf of my blog,.. thanks! ;p

Anonymous said...

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