Monday, July 24, 2006

I pass!

I wasn't planning to write any update today, but I was sooo in good mood.. So here I am, writing some blunders of whereabouts my head is. Anyway.. the title/subject for today is about my ptd exam. I received sms from Eddy ( a guy I get to know when I sat for the exam) last saturday about he didn't pass, and he want to know about mine. And this morning, while waiting for my printing, I went to check it... I know it in my heart that I'm going to pass..but I never trust my intuition so, I keep finger cross.. and the word that leap my spirit struggling to jump and shout is LULUS! Yipee!... statistically, my passing for this exam is 2/5.. yeah.. 5th times.. how lame is that.. anywhere, I dont care.. I pass!.. Hop hop horay!! although this is one of many stages that I have to go thru before I get to where I want... its doesnt hurt to celebrate a little bit..Yipee!!..

Right, I have to stike off prayers that He answered..
Passing PTD exam
Thank you, thank you sooo much! Thank you!

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