Friday, July 21, 2006

Need Advice

1st August is one of my colleague's birthday, and as tradition, the company buy something for staff birthday. This will be my 3rd times being assigned to buy these gifts. The first task, I bought my senior a shirt, he loves it just that its a bit too big for him. And my second task was for our secretary, a blouse, also too big for her and she have to replace it on her own with 2 blouse for a prise of the one I bought... hehehe clever girl. Now, here's some information of my colleague that might help you to suggest something appropriate for her.. Since I'm going to Bangkok, I might buy it over there... how special is that. A fact about her, she's merried and have 1 daughter, she 's very petit (small) loves to wear black office etire (its makes her looks skinny she said). er... what else?.. she like the normal malay girl lah... Ok guys.. any idea? any idea are most welcome.. please do suggest something. ok?

My sore throat (spelling check ..Thanks manuel) is getting better, my brother and sisters in Christ were praying for me since yesterday especially for my health.. I woke up this morning at 5.45am by my 5 years old nephew's smelly breath (I sleep over at my sister's house since her husband fly to Pakistan). Aside from the smelly breath.. I feels much much better. I like to thanks Manuel (yes! your prayer is answer bro!), to Jessica, Miechelle, Linda, Michael, and others for the prayer. Wow.. what a powerful prayer you guys!. thanks alot! But still I wouldnt be able to go for CSI's friday fellowship tonight, since my boss request my attendence for late meeting this eveing for the preparation to Bangkok on 26th again... its more on double checking, brain storming to better prepare and to improves ourself for the Exhibitions and Seminars. Start to feels sleepy again after taking the cought syrup... darn it!


Lee Novotny said...

hi u ols..thx for stopping by my blog..waah BKK yek?? I was there once and only 1 night..**matilaa One Night in bangkok!

Apa nak beli yek?? hmm lemme see... maybe perhiasan rumah? usually women like that.. melamin cutleries probably ..hehehe

have fun u ols!

Musa said...

Hi Lee.. apeke benda nya "melamin cutleries" tu?


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