Tuesday, July 25, 2006


My every-bad-hair-day looks. hem.. what was I thinking? must be one of the moment when you just go and do something foolish without reason... I likylike the black and white photo, coz its like.. how I looks in the 70s or something... say, if that is me (well is it you.. me.. you idiot *scraching head* ) when I was 20...30 years back.. kinda wonder how I look right now? hehehe.. must be cute and OLD? ;p

Flying to Bangkok tomorow morning at 10am. Hem.. I don't really feels like going out of the country.. well, probably its because its only 2 hours flight? hehehe... Man.. I wish it was for a vacation. Maybe this reason is already good enough for a visit there. So, in the mean time, there wouldn't be any update on the blog... well, maybe when I can find an internet cafe and time,.. I probably would update on how bad I feels, and wanting to go back home? hehehe yare... 5 days only where got enough one... apera

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dalantau said...

congratulation on passing the ptd exam...i started to pray for you and hopw God will help you thru' this time..and don't be naughty while in Bangkok...be strong not to fall into temptation..for michelle cares for u here..hehe..didn't i ask her whether her concern merely a gimmick or genunie? hehe...good friends always joke with each other


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