Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My #1 tenant!

My number 10th tenant is my top favourate tenant (A life of a Suicidal Survivor). One particular reason is He (Jayd) promoting me *wink* on his blog. Isn't that Cool?!!
Aww Jayb... I'm flattered that I have that kind of effect on you... *silly grining* Hehehe.. If compares his blog to mine... I'm nothing.. way nothing.. His blog is soo cool, with Picture Galleries link, Diary, about Him, Cool games.. etc.. its sooo cool. You just go and look around. You might learn one or two trick to enhance your blog. Trust me, Thats how I learn how to do blog.. learning from other bloggers. Well, the one thing I dont like is the Little picture of Jesus Christ on the cross being crusified, where it says.. "Jesus did it for the Chick"... dont buy the silly T-Shirt.. its not funny.

Here's is Jayb.. with is cool pose.. whatsup yo! ;p. He's looks matured for his age. He is 1 year younger than me... I guess, most European/white looks pretty matured for their age. If you read on his About-me section, he've been living on his own since he was 17!... very much indepandent lad I must say. Jayd from Belgium.... so, you see, from what he wrote, I'm sure love to work there...because their "system" treat foreigner- like me, if I'm there (yeah.. keep on dreaming) like a VIP! Its a paradise... I would love to go around the city with his scooter. So people... give him a little shout will yea... show some LOVEEE... ;) oh yeah!

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