Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Reminder: Eat on time!

What a weekend! I had the most terrible weekend, spending the whole day on bed and sofa. I had gastric attack on thursday night when I took my diner pretty late, around 10pm. I dont remember when was my last gastric attack, but this time.. its terrible. I took mc on friday, and stayed at my sister place. She cook me porrage, and ginger water for my tummy but no improvement. So, I see another doctor that saturday. I cannot eat piccy and oily foods, and dairy foods. but I have to eat something.. which is hard, coz, everytime I swallow something, I feels sick and dizy. Its like the foods are drugs! and if I dont take anything, my stomach become really painful. Today, I come to work bit better, I keep eating bread every now and than to keep my stomach fill. This is terrible.. I got 1 report overdue... man.. I'm dead!

Oh, I finish Shameless season one and two. when I cant sleep, I watch Shameless. Its very good and interesting... freaking hilarious. Its nothing like Little britain.. its about one crazy family.. there always have something come up... I would never get bored in the family. And at the same time, the care for each other and love one another. If you watched, Billy Eliot, he's inside playing the gay in the family, with one supportive brother who have sexual realtionship with an older women. An elder sister, who take the responsibility of the family since their mother left them, and their father being an alkoholic. Very interesting. I recommend it for those who are open mind.

ok. going to grab a piece of bred now.. start to feels funny in my tummy again. cheers


kailiang said...

Haha..so you did watch Little Britain... it was quite funny, and I'm sure the British people find the show to be more hilarious than us, since most of the jokes are locally related, like us to Senario..
I haven't heard of Shameless, I'm more into Family Guy (altho I have to admit that the dysfunctional family cartoon is pretty wacky at times), I'll check out Shameless, and from the synopsis you've written, the storyline is pretty interesting.
Alrite you take care...

Musa said...

oh yeah, I did watch little Britain.. no idea why the local TV ban this program, even at one time, they accidentally shows the preview half way and change it quickly.. silly.. nothing sensored about it.

Shameless is a family thing bud. Its totally dysfunctional!. not like ordinary family, which makes its interesting to watch. I read the book, but its not the same.. What I wrote was just a snipet of whats its about.. the story revolves around their community, their wacky neighbour (talking on phone while having sex!).. their only grocery store, their only pub and lots more.. yep.. you'll sure enjoy it. you take care too yea..

oh give me a ring when you're around (celcom-brixdor)


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