Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday updates

Currently listening to: Reuben Morgan, "World Through Your Eyes"-Bonus EP

This is a free CD when I renew my membership with the Kannanland last saturday. Its only have 7 songs of praise and worship, and Its really good.

What a weekend I had. Last saturday, I missed my bodystep class, so I did my own excersice at in the gym... which is not as much fun as joining the class. But I did get really workout. My friend that I meet that afternoon told me that I look so tired. I spend my whole afternoon and evening with my friend at Klang. He lives with his 2 dogs called, brandon and they were just a few months old. Clinton looks like the Dog in the MIB movie... cool huh?

My friend bring me along to meet his friends for diner in a Singaporean Restaurant near Maluri. to discuss their plan for a Thailand visit. Its was a nice cafe, with a numbers of puzzles on the table for you to play around with. Most of the customers are chinese and Big (fat). It must be the food... lol. But its freaking expensive too! Anyway, I forgot to unzip my pants after a visit to the washroom, and thank god, there's not many ladies there to notice... no wonder these guys staring openly at me... how on earth did I forgot to zip up my pants? my head must be somewhere....

On sunday, I had another meeting with a friend for a movie... I called him my movie buddy! coz, everytime we went for a movie, we choose the same movie to watch-no argument. And we enjoyed it!. I read about the review from my fellow bloggers-DaReDevil, Oh the title is the Fast and Furious3, Tokyo Drift. Lots of pretty cool cars, hot chicks and high speeed racing too! the last appearance by Van Desel was really cool.. I recommend it for movie-goers. My next on the list is Superman and Pirates of Carribien.

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