Tuesday, June 20, 2006

defeated temptation

Last Night, at the gym, like always I joined one of the class. guess what? its not my imagination that the instructor keep his eyes on me. I keep pushing myself when I think I can't do it anymore. I stay until the end... and I felt good! Well, right after that, in the changing/locker room, the instructor talk to me.. he said that, I can stop half way when I can't take it anymore. He speak chinese (not mandarin) which I don't understand. He seem a bit suprise when I told him I'm not a chinese in Mandarin. So, you see... he got his eyes on me ay? hehehe...

Oh, not the instructor alone was eyeing me... when I was in the souna, one young lad have his eyes on me. too... man... whats is wrong with these people eyes? I would die to have a body like them! and here I am being openly raped by their lusting eyes...(or it was just my imagination) Come on... me? nah.. who am I kidding? hahaha. I need to get in shape!.. you see what I mean? Yes, I did look at the young lad too... he has a great lean body, has cute tatto on his back just right at the top of his bum (I especially like that one).. and a few behind his shoulder. Hem.. maybe I have one like him too. Is it painful? I'll change my mind if it is.. hehehe.. can't really stand any pain.

I am so proud of myself. I didn't follow the young lad to shower. he purposely open his shower door for me when I've finish taking my shower. I saw his eyes inviting me in when I pass thru his shower... God.. aren't you proud of me? hehehe.. thank you for giving me the strenght to say no.. even for a childish or an innocent playfull shower.

In my tiredness, I manage to go thru the 2nd day of "believing god" lesson. I felt really sleepy, but I forced myself to read and write...I gonna do it! Yes, I am! I didnt give in to my fleshs pleasure.. I didnt give in to my flesh weekness.. I give in to my Lord!


kailiang said...

haha lalid lalid lun dei kl ni kem!!!
hey wow..good for ya musa.. frequents the gym and maintaning physical health.
If only I can be one. I'm so lazy that evenings are normally for nap time..hehe

Musa said...

edeh kl inih me kem.. uih kan anak do ;p.. mana lalid kudeng iko dei neh.. hehehe.. mestilah rajim ame gym.. kudeng nam, kapeh teh batek rayeh2 kedeng taman inih? na te nepawah pem, kudeng tamen neh... weel, Lord gives the evening for man to rest..so, nothing wrong with taking a good night sleep... rudap do do... na melalid.. hehehe

Ryan said...

musa everynow and then its good 2 let go say what the f--- get naked in the shower with the lad and talk about the first thing that pops up. im sure god could find something else 2 do while u get your freak on! im just sayin. hehe!

Musa said...

get crazy yea Ryan? hehehe... hey Ryan, your new profile picture are really cool.. complete with animation and sparkling!

By the way, have a nice visit to Mikey place..*wink*

dalantau said...

hey still very provocative mind lol...i asked my colleague about attending gym at hartmanas..she told me that it only cost likw RM99 a month...i may (again may - not promising) try that..lol.i must go for free trial first rite..lol....and decide later..so so so stingy...i think i should go out from this shape and make some fat...lol

Musa said...

Thats TrueFitness lah brother. Their center at Sri Hartamas is HUGE! Its a tree storey shoplots taking the whole 1 block of the shoplots. Maybe you should try it out. Cheers lad


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