Monday, June 05, 2006

Interesting Questions

Last Alpha, we have some interesting question asked by Charlee. Its pretty simple questions but somehow, you have to pounder really hard to decide what's your answer will be. we begin our discussion group by deciding to give an object or animal names thats best suite them. So, we decide on naming each members after an animal. Guess what I am named after? Not hypo.. but a Mouse.. just because my name is ryhme with it.. Musa Mouse. got it? hehehe..

Here's the question you can ask yourself, What will you take from your burning house? My home got burned when I was in primary school.. so, I have experienced it and I got a few ideas what to safe from my burning home. And the one thing that I really want so safe is the family Photo Album. when I tried to look for my self pictures when I was a boy, I cant barely find one. So, thats what my answer was. what about you? Some of my group member gives funny answers like.. Car keys! Handbag! CDs Collection! Laptop etc.

Second questions is, when you're stranded on an Island, what 3 things that you want to bring with you? ok.. here are some funny answers we got from the group. member 1-CDs Collection, CD Player and Batery.. (is he serious?) member 2-Lots of water, can foods and mutipurpose knife (gosh.. how long she can stay alive?) member 3- fire, rice and rice cooking pot( hahaha gosh.. say how basic is that?) ok.. my answer was, a Parang (a big long knife), a lighter/mancis, and a blangket/sleeping bag.. what will be your answers? I love to know what you're thinking..


kailiang said...

haha the first group members sure are high tech...but i believe they'll be the earliest not to survive, or more clearly the first to ...ehem you know. Hey the questions sounds like survivor question huh!
Erm my pick, yeah a cutting tool, something to light fire and something for sleep. Hey wait a minute, that's pretty much what your group has thought of. Lolz... what a copy cat I am.
By the way nice to hear there's Alpha program over there, there's one here too in Holy Trinity Brompton here but I no longer go to that church sadly.

Ryan said...

your profile pic is so feaken hot!

Aida said...

It would probably be 1) Johnny Depp, 2) our children , and 3) a genie that can grant 3 more wishes.

Sorry, I'm just being silly ;)

Musa said...

you went to The Holly Trinity Brampton?!! for the love of God, You're are sooo Lucky!
If I were you, I'll go there all the time.. they probably have the best food ever!(y? its FREE..hahaha.. so malaysianlah) and you can listen to Nicky Gumble, LIVE! have you meet him? we only watch the CD here...

One of my LB friend went to London last saturday for work, if I know you earlier, you can meet him. but he's coming back this week.. maybe next time

you make me blush.. hehehe... silly me. Dont judge the book by its cover... ask Aida.. I'm not as HOT as you think I am.. If not she'll already all over me instead of Mr. Depp guy.. hehehe

So typical of you.. the die hard sick crush love for Mr. Depp.. and children?? My gosh girlfriend.. control your lust for "The Depp".. hehehehe.. You're sillynest are hilarious... love it! never be sorry about it.. stay funky!


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