Thursday, June 08, 2006

79's trio

Having 2 days leave from tuesday until yesterday for the ptd exam was good. And coming to work today feels like its Monday today. Hehehe... but the good news is, I only have to work 2 days and have a real weekend again! isn't that awsome?

I make a couple of friends at the exam. Suprisingly we all born on the same year.. alas the name "79 trio". Eddy and Lau are born on August, and that makes me the youngest of the "trio"(just a couple of days). I feel young again.. I am Eddy is Sabahan and just graduated from UM. While Lau is from Pahang, UUM grads and finishing his training in the Navy reserves force. which I must say, contributing for his well maintained body shape. Good for the young gun! quite interesting.

Right after the exam yesterday, I went to shop for sports shoe to replace my ragged gym shoe. I saw a free blood preasure test on the way and couldnt resist to have a try since its FREE.. hehehe, so Malaysian!. The result was execellent. My blood presure is normal, between the maximum high and minimum low. The man who did the bood preasure test was impressed. I gave a sigh of relief. I used to have high blood presure before and now.. I am high blood presure free!! Yipee!!

The happy sunshine didnt last that afternoon. A relationship was bruised in the afternoon. I honestly would never understand why something nice happens become gloomy in the end.. what did I do wrong? I pray that He give the strenght and patient for whatever comes. It might be a test for me.. I would never know.. whenever the blood in the vassel boils from an unknow factor, I remind myself of His words.. "be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing one another in love..". If I try to reason with my own understand and mind, I would absolutely burn some rocks. Sometimes, when I think of it, I feels sad... Its agonizing! we are only human.. I wouldnt judge.

Anyway, I was planning for a Malay traditional massage today at the A Touch. But when I checked out the location, Damn!.. just forget it. Even though, I get the price of RM20 from a normal price of RM39, I would spend more to get there. Taman Desa is in Kepung! Damn! Well, maybe I go to gym instead.. but have to go back first since I didn't bring my NEW sports shoes with me... hehehe...


hani said...

taman desa is not in kepung... its near old klang road.. near my hse... I think I saw the massage place somewhere, where they have some kinda massage party? hmmmm :P hehe

Musa said...

really? near ur house? how to get there by public transport? what massage party? dont know about that. I was just wanna try the malay tradisionl massage because its cheap. Hope its as good as the Thai massage. I love the Thai massage.. its quite expensive.


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