Monday, June 05, 2006

Sunday pictures

Coming to work today, a bit tired and clueless.. tired from the sunday activies I had and a bit Clueless for having people staring at me.. twice. I asked my cousin/niece, was there somthing weird on my face...Hem.. I noticed this girl from the Bus, keep looking at me when I already out of the bus? and this guy stares at me even from afar? I mean.. there must be some reason for someone to stare right? hem.. anyway.. I start my day with my online banking. I paid my rent and paid my credit card. received another free bag from the bank this morning.. I think, they know I collecting bags.. lol.

So, here are some pictures I took on sunday. didnt take picture of the BBQ we had.. too hungry, and too busy eating!
picture 1: Monkeys were given morning breakfast by my 1st floor neighbour and I took some pictures of the cutie on my way down to sunday service

Picture 2: view from Amy & Pst. Lisa's Condo.
Picture 3: view from Amy & Pst. Lisa's Condo

Picture 4: Swimming Pool-Joshua Jump & shake action (hehehe) shakin' bon bun..

Picture 5: swimming Pool- Loh coming out the pool... its a HUGE Pool.. Love it!

life guards on duty.. (Ann, Pst Lisa, Grace, Amy and Winnie)

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