Monday, July 03, 2006

Farewell Hiromi

Hiromi will fly back to her home, Japan this evening. We had a great lunch yesterday right after the sunday service with her. Oh, I started my "assistance" talent in sunday school yesterday. And to be honest, I felt a bit awkward, but than, when I got to know these kids, Its goes spendid! I were introduced to this 3 years old boy, Jesse, who are very talkative. I just can't control of his whereabouts but thats what wonderful about him. He's not shy to voice out his opinion, he know how to spell his name, he prefer to do things on his own way, and cute!.. ok ok.. I should stop talking about kids... which might bore yea... I'm looking forward to next sunday when my turn to be with them again!. I think, I tend to act like a kid, when the sunday school ended, I join the "adults", I was pretty much like a kid.. jumping around, teasing my fellow sisters and brother in Christ. And I was practically dancing with the Praise n Worship before we wrapping up. Man... I must looks like a fools. hehehe... I don't care.. I feels just wonderful!

Its sad to see Hiromi to leave. Since she's a bit older than I am, I sees her as an ealder sister. She have the Japanese accent/pronounciation when she speaks which is hard to understand in the begining. But, you'll get a hang of it after awhile. Damn! I'm going to miss her. Hiromi is like part of the group that makes our group unique and interesting. I remember vividly the first time I got to know her. It was on the last day of our Camping in Pahang. While others went for swim, I decide to stay back at the camp. She was there as well. And it was raining, that makes us share the same tent (its an open tent.. no funny business.. mind you) Thats when we have a little chat, and the time where I keep asking "pardon" countless time to understand what she was saying. We were hungry, so we eat BBQ sweet potatos leftover from previous night's BBQ. She have a way of expressing her feelings which makes you smiles. Her expression is like everything is new to her. It makes her so much younger for her age. Man.. We had such a wonderful time.

Dear Hiromi, It was a pleasure to know you and will dearly miss. I pray that your dream will come true. God bless ... take care.. Have a good journey.. Lots of Love, Mushasi

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