Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Work in progress

OK, now you know my real name is. so what? hehehe.. am still the same old me. I just want something more in life. I want to experience what I have withness to these blessed people. Knowing each and everyone of them moved me so much, and I asked myself lots of questions. And I asked why I never experience them myself. They talk of The Father like they know Him Personally. They have this faith... A leap of Faith... . I withness their prayer being answer... and this really crush me. I give up asking Him when things just didn't turn the way I asked for. Did He ever listen to me?

I heard about building an "Intimate relationship" with Him. And I asked myself, how? Honestly, I cant really say I know Him personnally. Some people can just come up, and say, He says this and that to him, but how would one know that little voice in your heart is Him? can it be just yourself? your consiousness? I never could say, He just talk to me... because I would aspect something like, a real wispers in my ears and that I would know its Him who say that.. not myself... yeah, I know its silly... I want to know how to tell that, its Him trying to guide me.. I want to be able to sense his presence, not just myself having this overwhelming emotions.

I can see there's soo much love in these blessed people. Being around them would be enough for me to know that I am sharing their true Love. Its their Love to Him that they generously share to others like me. Yes I can see that... Maybe if I stick with them, I could learn... my life will be more blessing and I could share those blessing to others. And the only way I can experience this is by leading the life that He pleased. All the best with that.. hehehe

Cheers. I'll continue my creative work letter... Love you Abba, Father.. ;)


Brad said...

This explains I guess why you never come around my blog anymore. And why you have changed all your links. It is understandable.

I am sorry for your loss my friend, and this sort of thing often times leads... TO THIS SORT OF THING.

I also happen to be very religious...just remember you can be "of God" and still be YOU.

I am happy you have found something that gives you comfort. Take care my friend.

Just remember that Daren... or who you were BEFORE was a beautiful person too. HE was not being punished for who he was but recent events. GOD IS NOT THAT WAY. Do not lose sight of the real truth my friend. Take care!

Musa said...

Dear Brad,

I appolagize for absentism lately.. been busy with work and other stuf.. Thank you for your advice, and for your encouragement. I will remember that always.

I will never be a religious person (or "of GOD" like to put it).. hehehehe.. am the same old me, just found comfort and joy from this holy people.. and I like to understand and to know more of being just that.

By the way ya.. I like to introduce to you to my real name.. hahaha.. My name is Musa, which is also can be called Moses in english. Cheers

oh brad, do you like the new colour? I always like blue.. I have a lot of blue shirts.

Ryan said...

so we dont get a link anymore?

Musa said...

soon my dear friend... ;) hey, happy HNT day.. kewl

orie said...

happy that ure ok and ur camping trip was fun...
ooo yeah, i'll join gym wit u next mth k???
missin u...

hani said...

hi MUSAAA.. oh Ive been waiting to call u that since day one.. :)

Glad u r ok..when r we going for makan-makan again?

gcpatton said...
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gcpatton said...

You are a very interesting guy. I have been reading your blog and I'm beginning to know and understand you better after reading the posts here.

You have found a group of people whose beliefs you envy. From your description, I gather that they are of the Christian faith. I practice the same faith. Call on me sometime at 360 where I spend lots of time.

Hugs from a new friend. :-)


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