Monday, May 15, 2006

Answered prayer

I received sms today from a friend saying that, he forseen coldness in my heart. I do not know how to answer him. And I'm not so sure what he meant by coldness in my heart, maybe its the way write in my blog these days or something else. They say, others are the best miror of your true self. Maybe I am.

Anyway, I had good time everytime I meet up with my adopted brothers and Sisters on sunday service. Sometimes I question myself why do I go to this church after all this while, I prefered to stay home on sunday. Maybe its ok that my reason is simply because of the people who goes to that place. Not just the Pastor, Even the untie who brings the cakes are real nice, and they speak english too.

Last Friday at Jeff place, we had CSI group gathering/bible study. I know... you must be wondering, Bible study?.. its not as serious as it sound, it just a way to learn about the bible. Sometimes, when you read It, you cant see certain aspect, and by way of discussing it in groups, you can gain deeper understanding. But last friday, we had a lot of praying. I mean, its really keeps going and going. Personnaly, I thank Him for answering me.

Its not like, He wispers in your ears "Hey Musa, its me.. your God".. like that. He could speak to you in anyway. For me, Every words Lisa says when we were praying... Its like she's talking to my hearts. I never speak about my doubts and what I was thinking to her.. But she anwered it all. Thats when I realize, He do listen to me. And Lisa as means to communicate with me.. everytime I realize that... I'm just touched. Even talking with my brother Vincent, somehow, he answered my quetions. Isn't that amazing?

I truely have alot to write about... just trying not to bored you with my life.. hehehe

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