Monday, May 08, 2006

Thank You

I am soo blessed. Last weekend was spactacular for me. I fall in Love all over again. Isn't that beautiful? Its feels great. I come back to Him again after all these years. I've been turning my back from Him for soo long. I simply can't stay away from Him now. He never stop loving me.. and I'm touch, just simply knowing that. I pledge to myself, I want to change. I want to make you happy. I want to live in the way you want me to. I lift my thanks for all the blessing I had and will receive. I thank you for giving this joy in my life. I thank you for forgiven me. Thank you.

Dear friends, I found John 3:16. there's still hope for me. Maybe you'll find it for you too.

Thank you Jesus.


CoolSeaBreeze said...

Darren, I'm glad that you've found your way back to the Father's heart again.

Sometimes God put us into circumstances to bring us near to Him.

Keep growing in faith and I pray that God will continue to hold your hand and lead you on..

God loves you!

Musa said...

Thank you so much..

Ryan said...


Brad said...

ok. you removed the last post. struck a little to close to home maybe. one more. i am both VERY happy for you... and very sad for you my friend. but i wish you NOTHING BUT THE BEST!!!


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