Friday, May 05, 2006

CSI Camping Trip 1

Ok, Since I had finish a few reports, and have a little bit time for blogging, here are the pictures that I promise.

CK making his best jump, whilst Joshua and Vincent getting ready for their turn

Jeff scary jump.

Jeff getting ready

Pictures of Waterfall:

By the way hani, we arent allowed to do skinny dipping, even in the dark... Mike, I cant remember what the place called, but I know its somewhere in Pahang. We have to drive 3 hours + thru the highway, and then, take a ride in a pick up truck going thru a bumpy road about 45 minutes to reach the place. and on foot for 15 minutes to reach the camp site. Its extremely exhousting! But having a great company, that doesnt matters. I really have soo much fun. Praise the Lord for such amazing place and angels that I've meet. Each and everyone of them are really kind, nice and beautiful. Lets try to recalled all their names, Pastor Lisa, Jeff Taylor, Chris Sekar, Rachel, Winnie, CK, Vincent, Markus and Joshua-Myanmar, Micheal and Joshua-Korea, Racheal jr., May, Grace, Anne, Judy, Chris Yen, Joseph, Leong, Hiromi, Nelly,Amy...God Bless us...


Brad said...

what an incredibly beautiful place. i would LOVE to go skinny dipping there!!!

Musa said...

what a sight!

hani said...

what??? no skinny dipping?????

how boring..

haha j/k


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