Friday, May 19, 2006


Yipee... Another Friday is here... I love Friday.. don't you? hehehe

My Cousin Janice (My mother's sister's daughter's daughter) got that? she be coming to stay with me tomorow from Sabah.. "Negeri dibawah bayu"..iya bah... more monkeys in my home.. hehehehe

So, yesterday I went to see the "Da Vinci Code" movie with Mon Frere Vincent, Chris and Loh, Mes soeurs Hiromi, Eun Gyu and Winnie.. I say, its a very good movie, just a bit disturbing with certain story, althought its a fiction, still very convinsing. I reach home at 12 midnight and too tired to read. Oh, Hiromi gave me a Japannese name. Well, ladies and gentleman,.. My Jap's Name is Mushami. Isnt that cool? According to Hiromi, its a Samurai worrior's name.. man.. I'm a Samurai Warrior!!! hahahahaha

While writing my blog, I have this praise and worship song from Hillsong that I played on my computer... the songs are really matter how many times I hear the songs over and over again, I always feel good... Its kinda lifting my spirit up. do you understand? I dont know how to explain it. Anyway, My schedule for this weekend are laid our for me and it seem pretty pack.. thank you Lord for making my days more and more exciting. I cant never thank you enough... I love you!I love you!I love you!!


Ryan said...

we should talk sometime i am so confused when it somes 2 u. not in a bad way either maybe u could email me or something.

Musa said...

hey ryan,
er.. I dont know your e-mail address

Ryan said...


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