Thursday, May 18, 2006


Ola.. Wei geth es Ihnen?
Thats the way German say.. "How do you do"?.

Sad news for Arsenal fan this morning... after 7 years wait to be in the final.. anyway, better luck next time.. hehehehe

Hem... you know what? I just realize something.. my weeknesses. I can't tell ones age! seriously. I got to know this Joseph which I thought in his middle 20s are actually 37 years old! and this Loh, a chinese guy, who looks like 20 something, he actually in the 30s! gosh.. seriously I cannot tell. Am I stupid or what? hehehe..ah.. who cares. Oh I learnt something about myself yesterday, I am more like a Camelion than a Caterpilars.. want to know how? hehehehe.. come to Alpha yourself!

So, anyone looking forward for that coming 24th? I was informed yesterday, they'll have a Chocalate fountain? Chocalate something for that day.. as long as its chocalate.. I cant resists it. Gosh... I think I'm gaining weight for having such lavish foods. Well, thats means I got to workout more! till passout on the gym floor.. hahahaha.. forget it.

Oh I do remember to call my mom today. She's sound upset... its all because of me, for not calling her quite sometime. Oh mother, I tried to called on Mother's day, but cannot get thru, so I forget to call again. Sorry mom. I know, I know.. I tried to call more frequently yea.. hem.. mom always emotional when I called... I love you too mom... Auf Wiedersehen!

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