Monday, May 22, 2006

Still sleepy

I listening to these compilation Music CDs that I borrowed from Jeff last friday. Its called WOW Worship. I like it soo very much.

Oh something happens last Friday, right after the gathering at Jeff's home, we were about to go out for a drink, and one of our friend's car, Miechelle, slide in a drain. Dont know how it happens. She park the car on top of a downhill slope, and somehow, the car's handbreak got loose and go straight down and ram into another car's behind. the left front tyre was already inside the drain, and its imposible to reverse the car. We all went down and tried to lift the front (which is the haviest part of the car) and push it back on the road. There were about 7 of us (male). And we fail on our first few attempts, so we decided to call the AAM, the tow truck car to do it. When vincent arived, we did try again. And we manage to push the car back on the road!

It was around midnight, but we didnt cancel our plan to go for eat out. Its always fun hanging with these guys, including pastor Lisa. Jeff send me home around 2am. Man... we never get tired of each other. One big family... the next day, saturday, I have to wake up early because I have to look for a pick up truck to move some furniture to my place. yep. I have this tall wardrobe.. I like it very much. I did a pretty hard manual labour that day.. carry the furniture to 5th Floor!.. using the staircase yea... I still can feel the pains on my whole body... not going to gym today.. I want to go straight home and sleep. heheheh..

On sunday, right after the sunday service, we had BBQ birthday party for my Brother-in-law, Iain. He's 40 now... It was plan to finish around 6pm... guess what time we went back? 10pm! My sister pratically was drunk, and keep asking me to go buy more beer!.. I already feel drunk on my first can, since I'm not very much a drinker (and I had empty stomach)... Gosh.. I was totally burn out doing the barbeque... all the foods!. we had chicken drumstick, wings, lamb chop, prawn, squid and sousages..I started the fire from 1pm until 8-9pm. Thank God for my cousins.. they help me out so much. And to Clyde, owner of the Dome Cafe who help me out a bit. My sister was all swinging around entertaining evveryone.. and organizing her party and drunk at the same time.. I don't know how her neighbour cope up with the loud music and our scream... hehehe...

Scotish man are crazy.... they keep telling jokes which revolves around how big their tool is.. I have to restrain them from exposing themselves... One thing I know, they love to show it.. you you know bah..

I need sleep... I want to sleep....

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