Monday, April 24, 2006

Go Camping or not?

The Bridge International is having a Camping in Pahang this coming weekend for all the singles. Is sounds good.. I like Camping.. not the single thingy... for sure it wont likely for anyone to shag anyone since this is a church activity. Lol. But still I love to go. I never been to Pahang.. maybe this is the chances.

Still cant decide whether to go or not. I'm afraid of unwanted attention to me (Hahaha... perasan!) and commit a sin. oh brother.. give me credit will you. hehehe. Well, one thing I dont like going camping is the clothes that I have to wash afterwards.. and I snor when I sleep, this is really embarasing for me to sleep out. Its in the genes you know. my dad snores, my uncles snores, my brother snores... everybody snores. ah.. who cares... you know, snoring is a good sign... that I am asleep.. so you could do anything to me when I'm asleep. hahahaha... just be nice...


Ryan said...

go and have fun!

Manolito said...

Ya, it is better for you to enjoy the outdoors. Bring along your best camping gear and enjoy God's creation around you.


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