Wednesday, April 26, 2006

4 gone, 17 to go!

I checked my weight with Jacky at FF yesterday, and compare from my previous scale, I have loss 4 Kg!!! Yipee!!!..all the pain.. the sweat.. had paid off. Thank you myself. Hehehehe.. I feel soo motivated, I try to the gym as often as possible.

I received my pay today.. I know I have increment for this month, I just got RM300 increment on my basic. Not much, but I'm gratefull.. Seems that my contribution in the company being appreciated. OK, I might go to Camping this weekend.. sleep in a tent... I dont know anybody in the group, but, its ok.. I can make friend pretty fast. Just be positive.. anyone wanna go? RM75 perperson, Location-Pahang, not yet being disclose (sounds kinky to me).. hehehe.


Brad said...

Sure I'll go. We must get a private tent though and you don't mind that I sleep NAKED right? *grin*

hani said...

awww Im sure u will have a fun time... the last time i went camping was err... close to 15 yrs ago hehehe

Aida said...

Congrats on the weight loss AND increment! :)

Musa said...

Dear Brad, I wont mind sleeping in a private tent with a naked man. makes you close to the nature (hahahaha).. just keep your hand to yourself ;p

Hani, yes it is sounds greats. They asked me to bring swimmming custom.. I bet it will be near some beach!

Aida, thank you dear. How about you? did you gain weight yet? you are soo skinny you know.. if there's machines to transfer my fat to somebody, I would give some to you.. hehehehe.

Aida said...

Haha... Skinny as ever, m'lad. Have been trying to put on weight no kidding, but not much luck so far. One of these days, I'd be blown away with the wind when someone in the same room sneezes.


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