Thursday, April 20, 2006

Life goes on

I know its been awhile. forgive me if you have come here and disepointed of no updates lately. I've been busy with works and I have no mood and too lazy to write anything.

Actually, I have alot to share. They say times helps when you loss someone. On Easter Sunday, I went to Easter Service at ISKL (International School of Kuala Lumpur) last sunday with a Church called The Bridge. Honestly.. its been awhile.. I mean not attending a sunday service.. (I think being in Church for my brother funeral doesn't count). It was lovely service. Some of the songs of praise and worship I can still remember. Not too bad for someone like me huh?.. and during this time... out of the blue.. I feel sad, my tears drop uncontrolably. Its wasnt like me to show my feeling in public. I tried to wipe my tears without being notice.. by the end of the sermon.. the pastor approach us, and asked what he can pray for us. I didn't request for anything, but he pray for me still. And I dont know what come over me... the feeling come back to me.. and I can control myself.. I just start to cry really hard. I cant stop myself.. I stop praying and trying to stop myself from crying.. but its getting harder.. I feel kinda confort when the Pastor have his hands on my shoulders. I feel protected. Eventually, I stop. I thank the pastor for praying for me. And he invited us for lunch. It was a lovely lunch.. I feel much better afterwards.. but kinda tired when we reach home.

I have to stop here.. going to gym today. I try to write again when I have the time. have a good HNT day... sorry no contribution from me.

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Brad said...

I have been thinking of you my friend. I am so sorry for your loss and I think your plan of going to the gym regularly will help MUCH. TIME is the healer of all hurts Daren. It will just take time.


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