Friday, April 28, 2006

I am going!

I don't feel very well today. Probably I over did it yesterday in the BodyCombat class. I am soo freaking sleepy and tired. I think my start to feel funny. But I am going for camping tomorow....

Yesterday, I join the BodyCombat Class at Fitness First, Maxis Tower. This was my second time I attend this class. I never take any Martial class before, so you could imagine how funny I did the kicking and punching... But I dont care. hahahah. Anyway, I was wearing white T-shirt yesterday because all my black and coloured shirts was still wet. I dont have a driyer.. lol. As you can imagine, I sweet like pig.. I was practically drench in my owne sweat! my shirt sticking on my body. At first I was oblivious of this, but I start noticing it when the instructor keep looking at me. I look at myself in the miror, I was like half nekkid in the class. I can see my 2 dot brown on my chest and my hairy tummy!.. Gosh how embarrasing! I was determine.. I don't care... keep going...shameless man! hahaha

I was self-consious of this new found attention. So, I push myself to do more. At one moment there, the instructor come next to me and did the move togather NEXT to ME!.. I was soo nervous that I forget the steps. Every eyes was on me (or it just my imagination)... this is like my 4 second of fame! hahahaha...

This is the price I pay for my 4 second of fame.. tired and sleepy and pains! I hope I have enough energy for 2morow... ok, hope you guys have a good long weekend too.. cheers


Ian-Ivy du Bois said...

was it like those nightmares when you find yourself naked in the middle of the class room?

nice blog!

Mike said...

Don't let the stares bother you. Im sure their just checking out how cute you are.

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