Thursday, March 23, 2006

Don't Believe Everything

Received this picture in my e-mail... and though wanna share it. From experience, this is sooo true.. but not all the time. Sometimes, I did lie a little bit... just a white lie you know.. not too exagerated like ilustrated in the picture.. about my age sometimes.. like, I'm turning 27 this coming September, and am used to tell everyone that I'm 25.. hahahaha... a couple of year difference won't do any harm right? lol

Thanks to Brad and Sandouri dean bey for explaining what HNT is. SO, HNT is Half Nekkid Thursday!.. cool huh?.. so, next week, I'm going to post my-self picture to celebrate this HNT day.. hahahaha... Man, I'm totally wicked! ah.. nevermind, there's always first time right?

My sister-in-law, Lea's Dad (in Philipines) just passed away. I like to express my condolence to her and her family members. My thought and prayers are with you sis. Hope you'll be strong in this dificult time... Mahal kita


Ryan said...

ill b waiting 4 next thursday from u rock on! oh about the net and people i so feel ya i been fooled a few times.

Musa said...

Aww.. Ryan.. you're the sweetest thing.

Brad said...

OMG that picture made me laugh so hard I have tears in my eyes. But yes you are right. That very thing happens all the time.

As for you posting your first HNT picture next week? woooohooooo! Can't wait my friend!

Musa said...

hehehe... brad brad.. its sure did to me too..

about the HNT picture.. am still contemplating about it.. hate to disepoint you guys.. lol.. but I don't think I dare enough to go public in half nekkid picture.. we'll see


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