Monday, March 27, 2006

Late Bloomers

I'm moving to my own place this weekend... Yipeeee!
I feels very excited about it. Its all I think about right now. Last sunday (yesterday), I invites my sisters and my niece to my new place to lend a hand to do some cleaning. I already got the key to the house on that saturday after given my new landlord all the deposits. My niece (the one who moved in with me) and my sisters loves the place. They kinda feels the way I feel when I first look at the house. Its cheap, clean, quiet, and spacious!

The house have 3 bedrooms (1 very small room), a bathroom + toilet, a veranda (we all loves the veranda.. great view of the jungle) and a nice clean kitchen. I know its kinda small, but its I loves it! Gosh.. my niece and I talks about the house all weeks, what we like to have in there, what electrick appliances we needed, Gosh... lots of stuff. I'm just glad she loves the place too, since she'll be moving in with me. She have this creative ideas on the decor, curtains, etc. etc.

My cool Friend, Aida-the Little Pirates, wrote about what a working adult is.. And Its kinda makes me realize my situation. I have to make lots of decissions and thinking to do, like whether we need to buy a big freezer, or just a one-door-freezer, a stove,bed, furniture? do we need to buy them now? etc. etc. these are soo grown up stuff!.. hahaha.. I still think I am very young.. can't blame me, everyone call me "boy", I guess its makes me feels like I'm still a boy..hahaha

Gosh! I'm can't help myself feeling like this.. a place I can call home... oh dear.. I get emotional now.. stop it! stop it!.. get a grip!.. you're a grown up sorry, I was talking to myself.. hehehe...


Aida said...

I want a bloody new job!

*clears throat*

Good luck with the moving, Daren! It's always exciting to plan on how your home is gunna be like :)

Musa said...

Hi Aida,

I thought you're quite settle working in Cyberjaya there... why looking for other?

Yeah.. I am looking forward to this new transition of my life.. Its feels likes... I'm free... I have the whole place for myself.. I wish I could ask Eric from casa Impian to decorate it for me.. or the Fab


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